See the motto above - Style and Affordability




A site should be visually appealing to put your message across. I have long experience of putting this into practice with attractive graphics, logos, animations and overall design.


Your message must be conveyed through succinct and well-written text. I frequently write for the Jewish Chronicle on a variety of subjects; you can see my writing at www.briansacks.com. You can be confident that I will put your message across in a manner that impresses and persuades.




The cost of a web site obviously varies with its size and complexity. However, I can provide a straightforward three-page site for as little as £99, and for more general requirements I will provide a quote on the basis of charging no more than £30 per hour's work.


But that is not all...


Continuing service


After producing your web site I will be available to maintain and amend it is required, offering the same consistent style and affordability.



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